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Technology at school

We have a range of devices available for students to use at school, including laptops to borrow and class sets of devices that teachers will use. In addition, students are invited to bring their own device to school.

Many teachers will introduce an online component to courses. This is often called Blended Learning. By integrating technology into the classroom, we create the opportunity to teach digital citizenship —an essential skill in today's society. We encourage students to think critically about what is appropriate to share online, and help them to understand relevant laws and consequences of actions.

When students are accessing the Internet in class, they are required to login to the school's Wi-Fi network using their school board login. This ensures student Internet activity is subject to the school board's filter. Students are also given an email address.

Read and Write Gold computer program helps students with reading, writing, organizing and more

Students can download a copy of Read and Write Gold for PC to install on their home computers. The program supports reading, writing, researching and organizing information. It works with MS Word, Internet Explorer, Google, Adobe Reader and many other programs.

Students can copy the program to a USB key from the Student/Common folder labeled Read and Write Gold Take Home. Internet access is required to install it on a home computer. There are many online videos to demonstrate how to use the program.